Road Carriers: How to choose a freight exchange?

To improve the profitability of your journeys and avoid empty returns, one solution is available to you: the freight exchanges. These can improve your fill rate by finding orders for the return of your truck loads.

Choose the freight exchange according to your needs

The first criterion of interest in your search for a freight exchange is the preferred geographical area of ​​the platform. Some freight exchanges are more specialized in the transport of goods on your territory (see even specialized in local transport), others are rather positioned on international transport. It’s up to you to choose the one that best fits your business.

The operation of the freight exchange is also to be taken into consideration: most freight exchanges operate via a subscription. Compare offers, and pay particular attention to the number of authorized cargo drops and searches. Do not forget to take a look at the terms and conditions, which will allow knowing in detail what your subscription entitles you and especially the means of claiming in case of problems.

Check that the freight exchange is secure

Freight exchanges sometimes have a bad reputation. Some carriers have already been faced with problems: identity theft, cargo theft, unpaid invoices. Before you commit, be careful and make sure that the freight exchange you are working with is serious, it collaborates with trusted providers. Learn about the internet, read reviews, analyze the conditions of use of the scholarship. A freight exchange must know how to filter the company’s authorized to post offers on its platform.

Another point to analyze is data security. Indeed, by using a freight exchange, data about your company is exchanged; your account can be hacked (risk of identity theft). We must therefore ensure that the exchange space used is secure, that effective means are implemented to protect your data and to recover your account in case of piracy.

Integrate the freight exchange into your software

The integration of a freight exchange your transportation management solution is the most effective way to improve the fill rate of your trucks. Instead of following two separate platforms, everything is grouped together in your software to save you time. The link between these two elements also makes it possible to better plan your tours: as soon as a delivery is scheduled, you can directly anticipate the return journey from the same interface. The compatibility between your management software and the freight exchange is not a detail to neglect if you want to make the most of the benefits of these two tools.

Freight exchanges are a real plus for road transport companies. It’s up to you to be attentive before working with one of them to avoid many future inconveniences.

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