Getting Rid of the Drug Use May not Be Easy Without Support

Narcologists say that it is the hardest thing to get rid of this addiction. But it is possible and it is possible to many. To those dependent who have decided on a difficult step, it is very important to cleanse the body of the poison that has accumulated in it in a timely manner. What are the ways of purification? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Since many drug addicts are afraid of publicity, they decide at home to clean their blood and urine, withdraw drugs from them. This is not the best option, because cleaning enemas and sorbents cannot remove toxins quickly and effectively. Yes, they ease the general condition. If the person did not suffer from addiction for long, he has a more or less robust organism, and in the anamnesis there are no ailments of the urinary system, then it is necessary to increase the amount of water consumed per day. Usual filtered or boiled water is recommended to drink more than two liters. The lighthouse treatment is perfect in these cases.

  • It is necessary that the diet consisted of liquid dishes, for example, vegetable or milk soups. The need for vitamins is restored due to the consumption of juices – vegetable and fruit juices. Already in 2-3 days of such nutrition and observance of a water mode the person will feel much better, but home therapy should be continued for 5-7 days even if the well-being improved significantly.
  • The fact that intoxication has decreased, you can understand by improving the appetite. Also, urination should increase. It is worth noting that the sauna and the Russian bath as ways to speed up the metabolism and purify the body in the case of drug dependence are weak. Yes, they contribute to the activation of the healing process, can for some time distract from the desire to return to the use of the destructive potion.

But at the same time, this is an increased burden on the cardiovascular system. It can lead to pathological changes, especially if before that the thermal procedures for a person were taboo.

The Right Methods

Efferent methods of cleansing the body of drugs, as a rule, are used only in stationary conditions, because special devices are required for this. The procedure of hemosorption and hemodialysis is the pumping of blood, its running through a special device and pumping back. Then there will be no toxins in it.

A similar result is achieved with the help of plasmapheresis

During manipulation, the blood is separated by a special centrifuge. Saline solutions replace its plasma. After that, the body is restored. It is worth noting that this is the cleansing option used for drug overdose. But these methods of cleansing drug addicts from the street are simply unavailable, because they are expensive. Not all specialized medical institutions are equipped with such equipment. Therefore, most drug addicts have to experience “breaking”.

It is possible to ease the overall condition when breaking it with Spazmolgonom, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen. To feel more confidently helps Clonidine. Note that clearing blood and urine from drugs – does not mean to get rid of addiction, especially psychological. The recovery of mental health requires much more time than detoxification.

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