Fine Effects for the Proper Utility of the Cables

Most sources of the use one or two types of high-voltage connectors (cables), but other types can be installed – standard or according to the customer’s requirements.

In many modular power supplies, the output is a type of high-voltage micro-cable, the length and type of which correspond to the rated output voltage, and which is inextricably connected to the source.

Depending on the model, the cable can be with or without a screen

  • Standard cables have a fixed length; It is possible to supply products with a cable length to order.
  • Most devices designed for higher power are supplied with Spellman’s development and manufacturing cables; these are removable high-voltage switching structures (cable / connector), also known as during connectors.
  • Typically, a deeply recessed socket is located in the source, and a mating part consisting of a coaxial polyethylene cable and a connector is connected to it. On a small section of the cable, the PVC-sheath and the shielding braid are removed, and the polyethylene insulation is bare. The length of the bare part depends on the voltage rating of the source. The high voltage connectors are effective there.
  • At the end of the cable, a fork with spring-loaded contacts is attached to the center of the conductor, and a modified UHF envelope or MS connector is built on the end of the bare part at the end of the cable. This provides a simple and reliable high-voltage connection. The cable is easily connected and disconnected from the device.

The figure below shows a standard removable high-voltage cable. Concerning high-voltage cables and connectors of special and custom execution, please contact the Spellman sales department.

The Complex Mannered Achievements

Works in all directions, as a rule, occur in a complex manner with simultaneous achievement of the set goals, which leads to a significant improvement in quality while reducing the cost of connectors. Reliable electrical connectors are widely used in all industries, as well as in military, aerospace and telecommunications equipment.

For its manufacture, various materials are used, but more often polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Cables with a shell of various colors (black, white and yellowish-brown, gray) are supplied – both for outdoor installation and for indoor installation.

The Finest Opportunities in Having a Perfect Drink with Bissap

The bissap juice is not only the favorite drink at parties in Africa but it is also very good for health.The bissap juice is a drink made from dry hibiscus flowers; it is widely consumed in Senegal and Guinea. It is also known by different names in countries like Mali, Ivory Coast and Burkina where it is called dabilenni and in Egypt it is nicknamed the drink of pharons.

We love the fresh bissap juice; we prepare very often in large quantities and keep in my fridge for almost 10 days. The recipe is very simple to make and fast.

Portion: 1 liter of juice

Catch time:  25 minutes


  • 1 cup dry hibiscus flower (bissap flower)
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla aroma
  • 1 teaspoon of strawberry flavor
  • A little mint leaves
  • 5 ltr of water

Preparation of Bissap juice

Step 1:  Wash the flowers and put them in a saucepan with water and bring to a boil for 25 minutes.

Step 2:  After 25 minutes, remove from heat and add the mint leaves. Then let it cool completely.

Step 3: Pour the liquid into a strainer to separate the flowers from the juice.

Step 4:  Add the sugar to the juice with the aroma of strawberry and vanilla. Put in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours of time.

Serve very cold and enjoy!

Virtues of the bissap:

Bissap has long been used in traditional pharmacopoeia to treat many health problems in Africa. It is recognized that bissap is very rich in:

  • protein
  • lipids
  • minerals
  • Vitamin C
  • And is also an Antioxidants
  • It also facilitates digestion, has diuretic properties and helps in hypertension problems.
  • Personally, I drank a lot during my pregnancy and it was a great remedy for my digestive disorders.
  • Many pregnant women under high blood pressure also drink without moderation to reduce their tension.

Drink with 2 cups of bissap juice, hot or cold to benefit from its virtues. The idea is to have one flower in each glass of champagne on large occasions. Personally, I think that is regrettable for the champagne, but it will undoubtedly look festive.

Getting the Essential Loans is Effective for the Smart Factoring

To avoid financial complexity and protect the company from the risk of non-payment by customers, many business owners prefer factoring wiring. For this, a contract is concluded with the factor firm for servicing the customer’s deliveries with a deferred payment. The main feature is the assignment of receivables.

The accounting factoring is a combination of several parts: financial, managerial. Under the first means financing of the supply of products, various services with a delay in making an amount for them. Management component includes professional management of operations, collection of debt.

Features of factoring transactions

Wiring factoring

Under the contract, the supplier transfers the goods with the possibility of a deferred payment. At the same time, the right to demand a debt transfers to the factor, paying for it a commission. This approach allows firms to sell products, invest in improving their system. However, after the assignment, the original obligations remain on the client, so they continue to bear the risks. He acts as a guarantor of the debtor. The factoring loans are perfect in this matter.

According to the legislation

This requirement is part of the organization’s assets. The sale of an assignment is reflected in all accounting documents as assets. Proceeds from sale will be recorded as operating income.

Basic accounting entries

The organization’s cash flow from the agent is accounted for in the incomes that occurred on the date of the contracting of the factoring contract. When reflecting manipulations under the contract of non-regressive factoring, several basic postings are carried out taking into account:

  • Right of claim at the purchase price.
  • The nominal value of all rights (interest, penalties …).

At accounts on the account of the finance

The implementation of new rights is taken into account. A combination of rights is taken into account, which is calculated in proportion to the amount of the payment part and the nominal price.

The write-off of money occurs from an off-balance account with the observance of the queue specified in the primary agreement. There is a transfer of the result to accounts of accounts from carrying out factoring manipulations.

Calculation of basic parameters

All calculations are better done with the use of a separate sub-account “Settlements under the factoring agreement.” By signing it, the firm sells its debt. The asset is retired. Therefore, at the date of transition, cash flows from:

  • sale of debt;
  • Expenses associated with the implementation of expenditure transactions, sales.
  • If the client does not comply with the terms of the contract, the factor has the ability to make a recovery.

When calculating basic parameters, it is necessary to charge VAT on the transaction. Tax is also on the remuneration of the factor. After the collection of securities, an assignment of rights of claims occurs, and the debt in favor of the agent is written off from the client. This is recorded in Debit 51. The vendor designates the commission and does this using the above postings. The commission is also subject to VAT. Therefore, the tax is displayed.

Factoring simply explained For You Now

With Apex capital corp factoring the entrepreneur sells open claims to a third party (factoring company). At the time of the sale of the invoice, the receivables may not be overdue and the invoiced services must be undisputed. The factor enters into the rights and obligations of the seller with the purchase and immediately pays the previously agreed purchase price.

The factoring is usually between 80 – 100% of the gross invoice amount (less a factoring fee). The difference to the full invoice amount (blocked amount) is paid by the factor to you after settlement of the invoice. Factoring makes your customers practically cash-in-hand.

If your debtor is unable to pay the bill due to insolvency, the integrated factoring system takes effect in real factoring.

As the factor becomes the legal owner of the purchased receivables, it pays particular attention to their recoverability. Demands from production, trade and service are usually factorable. If you work on the basis of work contracts, according to VOB or in project business, the number of providers is limited.

Process in real factoring

The sale of receivables until payment takes place in several steps. Depending on the factoring variant, turnover and factor, the amount of the security deposit may differ. Depending on the provider, the invoice is transmitted by e-mail, in the factor’s online portal or via the IT interface.

Factoring advantages and functions in the overview:

  • Pre-financing your customer requirements
  • Protection against bad debts
  • Takeover of dunning and debt collection (debtor management), if you wish
  • Relief of your bank and current accounts
  • Improvement of equity ratio and rating according to Basel II & III
  • Competitive advantage with regard to the granting of customer payment terms

Sale of receivables and customers Acceptance:

The sale of receivables is now accepted by most companies (customers), since they insist on ever longer payment terms. In the event that there are agreements with customers about cession prohibitions, silent factoring (without disclosure) is available to you.

In the open procedure, the sale of receivables is visible to your customer, but not in the silent process. Approximately 95% of all entrepreneurs use the open procedure, since this variant is cheaper and places lower demands on the creditworthiness, equity and earnings position of the company.

Declaration-factoring variants

Requirements, performance acceptance and documentation: Since the purchase of receivables is based on the reinsurance ability of the debtor, the factor waives the provision of standard bank collateral. Your claims must be free of third party rights. In the case of an existing assignment of claims (e.g. global assignment to secure the current account line), this must be approved by your bank.